Val Mart deals in a variety of devices meant to keep you and your doors safe:

Track Guards—Protect your door tracks from vehicles and forklifts. Track guards take the hit and save you repairs and money
Spring Break Safety—Springs do break, and when they do they can send a door falling, injuring any people or property that may be in the door opening. Spring break safeties will prevent your door from falling if a spring fails.
Pneumatic Reverse—Safety first! If a pneumatic equipped door touches a person or object while closing the door will reverse direction, preventing any serious injury or damage. Also available in an ultra sensitive model.
2” & 3” Cable Break Safety Devices—Sometimes cables come loose or even break. When they do, your door could fall, causing damage or injury to those nearby. Cable break safeties stop a falling door in its tracks, keeping nearby persons and property safe.
Infrared Photocell Reverse—Prevent property damage and personal injury. If a person or object (such as a vehicle) blocks the line of sight between two of these photocells the door will stop closing and prevent an accident.
Yellow Bottom Safety Rubber—Save your door and money! Make it more visible, and lower the chance of forklifts and trucks colliding with it with our hi-visibility yellow bottom safety rubber.